26.9. – 1.10.2023

Amina Musić Nalo


Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
THU-SUN 11.00-22.00

Pregnancy as a factor in the survival of the world viewed through the prism of design is an unmeasured polygon of research. Facing a series of theoretical and factual medical indications related to pregnancy, in combination with everything led to the final solution, a dress that combines aesthetic, functional, and decorative. Research work in the field of inclusive design is a great responsibility and challenge.

The dress as a synthesis of what was researched appeared naturally and provided a beacon for further work in the field of aesthetic functionality solutions with the idea of making a woman feel special, celebrating the beauty and strength of a pregnant female body. The dress is designed with the aim of being comfortable, it consists of two parts, which allow the part that covers the stomach to narrow and widen.

The dress is made of airy, natural linen and decorated by transferring natural plants to the fabric and fixing the decoration. The guiding thought remained deeply rooted in the future of survival, because without childbirth there is no human being, and we are part of the future, therefore it is important to explore the uniqueness of pregnant women and the facilitation of their everyday life through the touch of uniqueness and the feeling of freedom.


Amina Musić graduated in product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Realized a number of student projects in the field of product and fashion design, working simultaneously as a costume designer and set designer. When working, her emphasis is on freedom, naturalness, practicality, and a moment of magic in design. Artistic expression is permeated through carefully selected project topics with a dose of reflection on the relationship between form and function. Design is a way of life and thinking, a daily effort to improve and innovate the future of the design scene, locally and globally. Active research on the combination of product design and marketing continued through the Master's study of Marketing Management at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo in cooperation with the University of Zagreb.

Project name ma
Year 2022.
Client Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo
Mentor Assistant Professor Nataša Perković
Design Amina Musić Nalo
Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00