26.9. – 1.10.2023


Zagreb Fair
WED 17.00-22.00
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A melting pot DNA where skills originate from crossed  cultures and combine with the woodworking tradition of the  land where the raw material comes from. Woak symbolises  the strength of a newly independent country and the desire  to open up to the new with an almost nomad vocation to  travel and absorb knowledge from all over the world and then  mix it with the original heritage of craftsmanship carpentry. 

Instead of products, we create “pieces”, crafted with great  care for the users as well the environment. We are passionate  about working with the warmth of solid wood, especially oak  and walnut, and attach great importance to sustainable raw  materials. 

Our goal is to create timeless pieces, drawing inspiration  from the most prominent periods in furniture design, and an  eye for everchanging contemporary aesthetic.  

“A tree’s beauty lies in its branches but its strenght lies in its  roots.” 

Woak's roots lie in a specific Bosnian reality that has been  working with the wood from that same land for over 30 years.  A land rich in resources like forests, water and people who  infuse in their work a knowledge handed down over time and  a sensitivity for this material truly unique. 

Oiriginally the company supplied the productive chain of  the neighboring furniture districts for years, providing skills  and materials, and became one of the most important reality  in wooden elements supply. The international expansion  allowed the vertical growth of the business thanks to the  acquisition of know-how in designing and assemblying the  finished product. Hence the collaboration with important  commercial realities brought out the desire to work on a inner  collection and led to the birth of the house-brand. 

Right from the choice of the name Woak, we declare the  centrality of the raw material in defining our own identity.  We work with the purest part of the wood, obtained from  the heart of the tree, that mantains the resistance, durability  and beauty of the plant. Even during the processing, solid  wood preserves all the typical characteristics of living and  natural wood. Thus it is the material par excellence used in  the creation of furniture destined not only to last but also to  grow in charm over time. 

This quality is guaranteed by the careful selection of the  raw material and the control of the entire productive chain.  A condition of competitive advantage that allows us to  supervise every phase and mantain our commitment to  ecological requirements. Every single panel is hand selected  by craftsmen with decades of experience and here comes  the other strenght point: the added value of people who  have handed down the techniques of the highest artisan  carpentry from generation to generation. The men and  women who make Woak products are guided by a passion for  artisan virtuosity that shines through in every phase of the  production cycle: from the accuracy in picking the material,  to processing, carving, assemblying with unique techniques  and knowledge that might get lost if tradition and love for this  work wouldn’t keep them alive.

Zagreb Fair
TUE 17.00-22.00
WED-SUN 11.00-22.00


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