After the opening of borders and the abolition of restrictions that have marked the past two years around the world, this year, with the theme Limitless we are returning, celebrating a reunion, lifting off restrictions and freedom that is an integral part of the creative process.

In a world with limited resources, thinking outside the box and without borders is crucial for innovation and the improvement of society. Our goal is to support the development of creativity, understanding that learning and creation never stop and there are no boundaries in designing a better future. By opening up to diversity, our goal is to support the full potential of projects and showcase the best case creative practices from around the world. Through presenting that kind of practice, we would like to encourage people to take a more engaged and active role in a global society and have a happier and more fulfilled life. After the two years of limitation, it is time to remove the boundaries from our actions.

To celebrate the reunion, Zagreb Design Week this year will not only have one partner country but will show several exhibitions from different countries.