Lana Ciric, born 1982 is a designer raised in Munich. Designer Lana Ćirić grew up, studied and worked in Munich, Germany, returned to her native Zagreb to start a project/brand and live according to her own visions. She completed her studies in Fashion Design at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich in 2009. Then she worked for Escada, Strenesse, Cambio, Oui, and for various projects with Italian and Parisian designers. Just when she was supposed to go to Zurich for a new job at the avant—garde brand Vetements, but the pandemic mercilessly interfered with the plans and after some time spent in Zagreb, the designer decided to stay and create her own, international brand with the aim of being an example for other designers and young entrepreneurs, which stands for fair business, waste and eco management, moral and transparent business and the successful export of VLAAZ fashion to the world.