University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology

Project Name: Green textile forms
Mentors: izv.prof.art Koraljka Kovač Dugandžić
Academic year: 2021/22

Students of the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, graduate study in Textile Design, had the problematic task of coming up with a form and possible interventions on textile sculptures. The introduction to the task through the presentation of the topic gave the students an incentive for possible interventions. Textile art is an area that students should have explored before entering the creative process. By creating a collection of different interventions on textiles (donated by the company Prostorija) and choosing the best work, which was repeated in the next step on a large format exhibit for the exhibition. Each student approached the problematic task in relation to sensibility and affinity within creative-design research by treating the surface in different ways. By defining the concept along with the biography and arranging the collection inside the artbook, we got two exhibits with which the students will present themselves at the Design Week 2022 exhibition.