University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology

Project Name: Stools made from discarded clothes
Mentors: red. prof. art. Andrea Pavetić
Academic year: 2021/22

The strong and growing negative impact on the environment caused by fast fashion (energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution with chemicals and microplastics, a huge increase in the amount of textile waste that is not disposed of in a sustainable way…) requires activities that should try to influence behavior change consumer. The mentor’s thinking about this global problem resulted in designing a simple process of making stools from discarded clothes. To make a stool you need: a piece of board wood material for the base of the stool, five wooden tiles for the legs of the stool, discarded clothes, textile strips, nails and a hammer. After the students were presented with the topic, the task and the process of making stools, they came up with conceptual solutions, collected clothes they don’t wear and realized one of their conceptual solutions. The element that was given, in order to connect the individually designed stools into a visual whole, is the yellow fabric that was donated to the Faculty by the company Prostoria and from which the students sewed strips and pillowcases that they filled with discarded textiles. One of the stools was made by the students together using discarded textile strips. This is how the exhibited mini collection of five stools was created. These products aim to raise awareness of the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment and encourage the creative use of textile waste.
Technical assistance to female students during the tailoring and sewing process: Đurđica Kocijančić, B.Sc. ing., professional associate.

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