University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology

Mentors: izv.prof.art. Paulina Jazvić, doc.art. Ivana Mrčela

As part of the course, students created different clothing objects, thinking about material and volume. Through the works, the students expressed their personal artistic expression as a result of continuous development of their own creativity and research into different shapes and forms, inspired by different starting points. The study of Textile and Fashion Design offers students, through the gradual development of creativity and personal expression, the achievement of a high level of quality, which they will be able to place on the market of ideas, and enable them to integrate well into the world of creativity.

The Fashion Design program provides expert technical and theoretical knowledge and develops artistic and creative abilities and skills with a special emphasis on the individual development of creative thinking and expression, encouraging experimentation, research and innovation ranging from the creation of an idea to the realization of a 3D garment. Individuality and creativity in the pedagogical process itself are the basis for the release of creativity and individuality in students who, by synthesizing the knowledge gained from all areas, become highly educated experts within their profession with wide possibilities of action in all areas of fashion design and artistic approach to clothing.