University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts

Project Name: Unlimited
Mentors: Izv.prof.art Nenad Roban
School year: 2021/22

At the Academy of Applied Arts undergraduate studies of applied arts and visual pedagogy are performed as well as the corresponding graduate studies. The study programs are fully aligned with the Bologna Process, adapted to the new reform guidelines and the ECTS credits system, which opens the door to Europe and the world for all students of the Academy. This applies in particular to the elective system, study flexibility, interdisciplinary teaching and inter-university course offerings. The entire study is based on a model of consultative and research teaching with a strongly emphasised component of individual student access. In accordance with their wishes, students can spend part of their studies abroad, as part of the Erasmus Mobility Program funded by the European Union.
College Objects for body and space
Objects for body and space is an interdisciplinary study that questions the relationships and interactions of the body, space, light, personality, aesthetics, and the natural and urban environment. Studies allow the use of all known media and materials that can serve students to express themselves as clearly as possible. The basic materials used during the course of the study are sustainable, recycled, natural and discarded materials, but other media are used to develop content and ideas: photography, video, graphic, painting and sculpture techniques.