University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts

Project Name: Monogram
Mentors: Doc. art. Damir Bralić, Neva Zidić, assistant

A monogram is a sign composed of two or more letters, the initials of a person, association, company or some other type of organization, and like a classic logo is used for recognition and marking. The monogram has a long history (from coinage, through noble marks to printers, publishers and artists), and to this day its use has remained primarily as a variant of the logo. With this introductory task, students are introduced to the drawing of letterforms, from sketches to the final drawing with Bézier curves, and the meaningful connection of form and content through designing and drawing their own monogram. In this case, the content is themselves, that is, certain characteristics of their personality. In typography, compared to many areas of art and design, the concept of space is viewed somewhat reduced. The space of typographic design is a surface on which visual information is primarily realized by light contrast, interrelationships between information and the background. However, terms such as: the space between letterforms, the relationship between positive and negative space, filled and empty space, form and anti form are immanent in the design of letters as well as in design with letters and are part of the basic terminology. Although the solutions presented in this exhibition are mostly placed within the definition of the typographic space described above, in individual student monograms there are indications of the simulation of three-dimensionality in the graphic form itself. Also, one monogram examines the potential of transitioning into a three-dimensional form, while the other, through animation, explores its possibility of metamorphosis in time.

Exhibition set up: Doc.art. Damir Bralić, Izv.prof.art. Marko Koržinek