Tina Rugelj

Tales of the Adriatic

Project Client: Self-initiated project
YEAR: 2020/22

Slovenian architect and designer Tina Rugelj presents a furniture collection that captures the beauty of the Mediterranean and motifs central to life on the Adriatic.

About the collection ~ A Contribution to the Place where I Belong
Tina’s most fervent wish was to design a collection that reminds us to take care of all this natural wealth that is the Adriatic area; to point out the values of the Mediterranean cultures, to preserve the local production and local materials, to highlight the problem of overexploiting the sea with overfishing and maritime pollution. The collection Tales of the Adriatic consists of five furniture pieces. Each piece tells a different story of the Adriatic. Local traditional handicrafts and materials such as natural white stone from the island of Brač, weathered and twisted olive wood, and recycled fishing nets have come together to create the Fisherman’s Lamp, Olive Tree & Stone Table, Sea & Stone Table, Adrian Chaise Lounge, and the Plankton Carpet.

Adrian Chaise Lounge
To preserve the chair’s curves and still retain a special tactile effect this comfortable chaise lounge was made from high—quality 100% thick cotton velvet (@Dedar) that most resembled the ray’s very special skin as well. Tina found its inspiration in one of the most magnificent but sadly endangered Adriatic species – the Blue ray, also known as the Devil ray (Mobula mobular). The shape of the chaise lounge imitates the form of the ray’s elegant wave—like movement across the sea.

Plankton Carpet
The Plankton Carpet, as tribute and warning
The Plankton Carpet is probably the first carpet that truly glows. The knots, which are coated with a phosphorescent color, are knitted together in a blue base carpet made of Econyl® yarn. Once night arrives, the knots start to glow and paint a spectacular image of a glistening sea surface. The making of the Plankton Carpet is both a tribute to the traditional fishing craft as well as a warning over the growing problem of overfishing and sea pollution. The carpet is made from recycled nylon waste, of which a part consists of abandoned fishing nets, also known as ghost nets, that drift around the ocean and are responsible for the needless death of countless marine animals.

The Fisherman’s Lamp
The lamp follows the classical structure of a fish trap made of thin nautical rope. The basic form and shape of the lamp reminds us of the old, but thoroughly sustainable way of fishing, where the day’s catch is used only to satisfy the needs of the local people and small businesses.

Olive Tree & Stone Table
The Olive Tree & Stone and Sea & Stone tables evoke the unique essence of the Mediterranean way of life, where eating together is part of the region’s cultural identity, and where socializing through food is a way of creating what truly matters – a sense of togetherness and community. With but a single stroke of the table’s surface, we feel the silence of an abandoned olive orchard and the warmth of the snow white stone from the island of Brač – and rest our eyes on the blue Mediterranean.

Alongside her work as an architect and interior designer, Tina Rugelj is also actively involved in product design. Tina studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and graduated in 2002 at the Technical University of Graz. She also studied design at EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona (UAB). She then went on to collaborate with some of the most prominent Slovenian architecture offices until she founded her own studio in 2011. 2012 marked the year she designed her first collection of garden furniture, entitled Concrete Garden, which thrilled both the media and critics alike. The collection Tales of the Adriatic forms another chapter in her creative way of thinking and her relationship with local materials and craftsmanship.

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