Tina Miličević


Project Client: Faculty of Textile Technology
YEAR: 2020
MENTORS: Jasminka Koncic, Duje Kodžoman
Project Client: Jasminka Koncic, Duje Kodžoman

Ethno Mimicry was created in the form of a semester assignment. This is an ethnic pattern taken from fur — a highly valued master pattern made entirely of leather and fur. By deconstructing the vest, new forms are created. The vest artefact is known as a very close — fitting and tightly fitting garment, while I create this garment sculptural form as a mega large, soft and comfortable garment composition. By denaturing the colors from the artifact, a gentle palette of earthy tones is obtained that irresistibly resembles a forest. The garment is constructed from uniquely tailored long strips that are then hand — woven with eco-leather. The mimicry of the pattern with the appearance in nature has a wonderful relationship with the field and the forest.

Tina Miličević, born in 1997 in Zagreb, graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in 2016, majoring in textile design. She continues her education at the Faculty of Textile Technology as a fashion designer, where she will graduate in 2022. She works with hand weaving, folklore and ethnology. She won first place at Modometry in Pula in 2019, and in Vinkovci she won multiple awards at the Etno Kreacija Hrvatska.

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