Studio Tumpić/Prenc

Interpretation Center Kaštel Morosini-Grimani

Project Client: Municipality of Svetvinčenat
YEAR: 2021

The Morosini-Grimani Castle is part of the rich cultural heritage of Svetvinčenat. The task was to design and implement a multimedia display of the Castle’s Visitor Center exhibition. Eight interactive historical points range from the earliest mention of the site to the current appearance of the castle. The historical visuals pass through the display screens and are partially pixelated, thus symbolising the transformation of historical content into an interactive and easily comprehensible past of Svetvinčenat for visitors. Historical three-dimensional objects, such as the throne or picture frames, which could not be visually interpreted due to the lack of historical data, were also pixelated, thus hinting at their possible form at that time.

This project they did in collaboration with Delta Reality – responsible for multimedia, Kulturburo – responsible for the museological interpretation and Mobil concept – responsible for the production and installation.

Since the studio’s inception in 2017, they got a chance to work on a variety of diverse and interesting projects, ranging from developing marketing campaigns, through visual identities and packaging designs, to realising interactive physical exhibitions. Their work has received notice from both industry experts and the media alike. To date, they have been awarded prestigious recognition such as the Red Dot Best of the Best, European Design Award Best on Show, ADC New York, IIID Award, Communication Art Award, ADC Europa, Dieline Awards, Epica, IdejaX, Somoborac, HDD Award, ZGDW Award, and the Zagreb Salon Award.

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