Samanta Petruša

Fluid tactility

Project Client: Final thesis - University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology
YEAR: 2021
MENTORS: doc.art. Lea Popinjač
Project Client: doc.art. Lea Popinjač

Samanta Petruša, born on May 11, 1995 in Zagreb, after graduating from Ksaver Šandor Gjalski Elementary School in Zabok, entered the Zabok High School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothing, majoring in Graphic Designer, and graduated in 2014. In 2021, she will acquire the title of University Bachelor of Engineering in Textile and Fashion Design in cooperation with the carpet and non-woven textile factory Regeneration Zabok on the topic of Textile installation as a reflective construction with the issue of Parkinson’s disease in integrative bioethics. During high school, as well as her studies, she participated in numerous group exhibitions, while in 2013 she won first and second place at the LIK competition, first place at Europe at School competition, and participated in the exhibition of photographs Messages at MSU Zagreb. In June 2021, he exhibited at the Zagorje Art Salon, while in September 2021, he exhibited his work at Zagreb Design Week.

Textile design as a broad category is taken by the artist because of the expansion of creative possibilities, which she combines with a philosophically supported theme. In cooperation with Zabok Regeneration, based on sketches, the carpet was tufted by hand, so by changing the production methods, desirable oscillations in relief were obtained. Such relief finds its realisation only when a person’s hand passes through the paths of a white line woven with the tufting technique (white line). The artist imagines the observer psychologically walking through her lived memoirs, while by arousing the sense of touch she slowly travels along the curves of the white line on the carpet. In this context, tactility is an achievable path towards a therapeutic combination of textile design and the human psyche.

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