Project Client: Self-initiated
YEAR: 2022

Follies is a series of products designed and made in the Sadar+Vuga architecture studio as an independent design project. 
While they are all functional pieces, their defining essence lies in their suggestive, cheerful look and feel. Taken Individually or in numbers, they happily inhabit the home, office, or public spaces and lend the space a sense of individual character, filling it with colour and personality.

 Follies are multifunctional objects with both a story and temperament that isn’t necessarily connected to their function. They’re intended to make anonymous or unnoticeable pieces of furniture creative carriers of a happy and stimulating environment. What’s more, their names and colour scales suggest that we welcome them into our homes or offices not as objects, but as people.

 These compelling creations are made from aluminium sheet, which is laser-cut, folded, and coloured. And they can be attached to walls or ceilings with screws.

List of products/ shelves for flower pots, paintings, or hangers – all at the same time:

  1. LOLA black/purple
  2. CARMEN blue/green
  3. PACO red/orange
  4. MANOLO yellow/pink

Sadar + Vuga: Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Belén Villán Fernández
Art direction: Urša Vrhunc
Graphic design: Nejc Prah
Photo: Klemen Ilovar

SADAR + VUGA was founded by Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga in 1996. Over the past two decades the office has been recognized as a critical European architectural practice focusing on open, innovative and integrated architectural design and urban planning. The office has a forward-leaping and often critical approach, covering a wide spectrum of production from urban planning to interior design. The stimulation for its projects comes from visual, audial and textual information, from art and fashion, science and technology, allowing them to generate a sensitive and responsive environment we live in. The client base reflects the diversity of the office, ranging from municipal and central governments, private and national arts bodies, to local clients and international developers.
“We invent. We research. We test.
We learn and explore. From concepts to details.”

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