Nejra Gorančić


Project Client: ALU Sarajevo
YEAR: 2021
MENTORS: prof. mr. Jasna Mujkić
Project Client: prof. mr. Jasna Mujkić

JATO is a set of three multifunctional products which can be used as cutting boards and baskets. They are inspired by biomimicry and the shape of birds which means that the basic strategy of the design is inspired by nature itself. The goal was to make a sustainable product with a long life cycle whose utilitarianism derives from natural sources. Wooden construction of maple and walnut is tied with leather straps and leather ropes. The base of each board/basket is made of primarily horizontal wooden panel which is attached to smaller panels by leather straps. These smaller wooden panels are all connected with leather rope and are the main factor of multifunctionality since their primary function is to turn the boards into baskets with just one simple lift. This shows the transformation of the product, from the board to the basket. The size of each element varies which allows the disposal of different types of groceries. The product is aesthetically pleasing, mobile, functional and largely sustainable in terms of material, usability and the compatibility of the two within one product. It fills the space with playfulness with its appearance but it is also simple, modern, elegant and useful. It can be used in different environments, from traditional playful to modern ones.

She is a graduate Product designer who strives to make a useful contribution through work in the modern, fast—moving world by creative thinking and people—oriented practices in order to create intuitive products.

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