Martina Hočevar

An exquisite reception area - phase one

Project Client: Clinic Božikov
YEAR: 2021

The renovation of the Božikov Beauty Clinic reception area is a project based on contrast. A block of travertine sits in an empty space. With all the weight of organic time, it welcomes touches, exposes scratches and preserves the porosity of imperfect skin. Sitting motionless, it uses all its weight to say, “It is.”Behind it, far at the horizon, and at the same time within arm’s reach, a completely perfect, completely unnatural sheath undulates weightlessly. Its shapes are taut, organic, soft, yet at the same time precise, floating, glossy, and ethereal. Tension emerges between both poles: the imperfection created by nature, and the perfection of the surgical work. Yet this tension exudes peace: the stone goes hand in hand with old age, while the acrylic is dedicated to surgical precision. The client’s wish was to accomplish the renovation within one week and with no dusty construction works. An intervention in the space involving innovatively curved acrylic panels invisibly mounted on the wall and illuminated from behind. Hidden behind them are cupboards, display shelves and switches. The new diagonal layout of the stone worktop creates a space both open and dynamic.

In 1999 Martina Hočevar graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. In period of
2000–2019 was working as an architect at Sadar+Vuga Architects in Ljubljana. From
2019 until present she is working as a freelancer. Working in architecture for over 20 years, she has encountered a wide variety of projects in all fields of the discipline: from large and small—scale architecture to interior and furniture design. She is interested in architectural design, one that serves man and gives him comfort.

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