Marija Staničić


Project Client: Academy of Fine Arts and Design University of Ljubljana
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: doc. Primož Jeza
Project Client: doc. Primož Jeza

Kiosk Weather—Mush cools us down, protects against weather conditions and helps us with direct SOS calls for help when we are in danger. It serves us as a safe spot and solves the problems of darker and dangerous neighbourhoods. Moreover, it responds to residents’ neighbourhood safety concerns. The Weather—Mush provides a home for plants and functions as a water reservoir which during the hottest days makes it possible to cool down with a breeze of the water mist. It is flexible, equipped with various sensors and advanced technology such as 360 degrees camera and speakers for communication.

Marija Staničić was born in Rijeka, Croatia. She lives and studies in Slovenia. In 2022, she graduated from the Faculty of Design, University of Primorska, Slovenia, with a degree in Interior Design. She is currently attending a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. For her graduate thesis on the topic of Multifunctional Furniture with Light Fixtures, she was awarded the Slovenian Design Award in the “Perspective — Industrial Design” category. The concept of the final paper was based on the thesis that the primary function of light does not limit discourse in the sphere of biological, psychological, sociological, and other interactions. She continues to follow this thesis when seeking to find answers to challenges in design. Marija received the Portuguese Symington Family Estates Glassberries Design Award in 2022 for the design and concept of the wine bottle with Data Matrix technology. Her aspiration is to research and design to change herself, people and society. Her motto is Utopian for the Better.

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