Mental health — City of Zagreb

Project Client: City of Zagreb
YEAR: 2022

Mentalnozdravlje.zagreb.hr is a web portal that brings together, in one place, City of Zagreb and Zagreb health institutions’ projects, in the field of mental health, as well as numerous other projects and workshops. The information available on the website will ensure equal access to mental health services and their programs to all groups of citizens who need support and help. The need to improve the availability and quality of services in the field of mental health was especially emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic and the earthquakes that hit the city of Zagreb, with the aim of protecting mental health. Today, the portal has more than 15,000 unique users. It offers access to numerous professional options for psychological help and support in the Zagreb area all in one place. On the front page, the emphasis is on the interactive survey that, through simplified results, shows the current mood of the citizens of Zagreb. Above the fold, there are several relevant links intended for visitors. By mouse click on the small circle at the bottom right, randomly generated motivational messages are displayed on the screen for — a daily dose of optimism. The portal simplifies the search for institutions arranged by type and part of the city, as well as the overview of the content according to interest groups — young people, adults, 65+. This web portal is an exceptional project to protect and improve mental health and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the City of Zagreb.

Magićmarinac d.o.o.
Web Design & Development Company from Zagreb, Croatia founded in 2009. Designing and building usable and engaging websites, web applications, digital products and experiences.
Ivan Magić, creative director, designer
Robert Tominac, developer
Nives Marinac Magić, UX designer

Ivan Magić, mag. art.
Graduated at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of Design. Spends most of the time on digital branding and web design, developing new concepts and approaches. In the last 10 years became familiar with a wide range of different creative technologies and processes, up to debugging, testing and deployment. Working alongside a wide range of clients from start—ups to established companies, public institutions and universities.

City of Zagreb
Office of the Mayor
City office for social protection, health, war veterans and people with disabilities

Ana Ćosić Pajurin, dipl. comm., M.B.A.
dr. sc. Mirela Šentija Knežević
Latica Ivković, bacc. oec.
Mislav Flis, spec. oec.

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