Lavazza | Tiny Eco

Project Client: Lavazza (in-house design)
YEAR: 2022

Tiny Eco is the new entry and an important part of the Lavazza A MODO MIO range – a capsule system which also offers compostable capsules. With Tiny Eco Lavazza continues this commitment to sustainability by launching its first machine made from recycled plastic (up to 61%) with sustainable packaging. Energy consumption, overall life cycle assessment and the noise level of the machine were all important aspects in the development process. The machine has just been launched and is the smallest and most recent product — basically the baby of the family.  An extremely compact, friendly espresso machine bringing true, authentic Italian espresso experience to any home. Designed with love by Lavazza in Italy it is essential and joyfully Mediterranean – composed of simple formal building blocks – applying Lavazza’s design language and celebrating its colourful identity with high quality surfacing and detailing. The frontal pattern repeats the horizontal theme present in many Lavazza products. The water tank in the back is easily accessible and transparent, providing immediate visual feedback so you will always know when it is time to refill. The removable drip tray also allows for taller cups and all removable parts are dishwasher safe. It is simple and easy to use — the backlit Stop&Go button, emphasised visually by its shape, lets you choose how much coffee you want.  Only a few seconds and just one touch.


Lavazza Eco Tiny has been designed by Lavazza’s in—house design team lead by Florian Seidl. Florian Seidl is an Austrian designer with several years of professional experience and currently Lavazza’s design manager. He set up a compact, but very talented in—house team from scratch and in that function, he is responsible for the corporate design of Lavazza Group. This ranges from domestic coffee and espresso machines to professional office machines and vending solutions, tableware, accessories, and their packaging. Numerous projects are already on the market and have won important design awards. During the last few years Florian Seidl helped to firmly position Lavazza on the map of modern Italian Design, making sure the design approach and philosophy are communicated properly on a national and international level. Before joining Lavazza, he was a senior member of the design team that developed the Fiat 500 successfully into a range of different models and other projects that can now be seen on the road. At Kiska he has done work for KTM and as a freelancer for various other brands. Always with a strong feeling for brand identity and the bigger picture beyond the project as a mere product. Angelica Rella is the second important designer involved in the development of Lavazza Tiny Eco. The designer from Italy studied at the Politecnico di Bari and the Politecnico di Milano and worked with Pininfarina and Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV before joining Lavazza in 2016.

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