Project Client: Celtra
YEAR: 2020

Celtra helps creatives generate content for all screen sizes from a single design. The identity redesign aimed to move away from the conventional corporate aesthetics and build its own abstract language that evokes curiosity and creativity. The goal was to balance serious and playful with clear guidelines for using the bold brand elements: from gradients to custom variable typeface and funky graphics. The identity moves away from the logo as a core element. Instead, it is built around a vivid visual language, inspired by the multiscreen world where one only has seconds to attract attention.

Team: Nejc Prah & Ljudje (Emil Kozole, Miha Artnak, Urška Stariha, Tamara Lašič Jurković, Nikolas Kristovič) + guest authors (Jure Lavrin, Matija Medved, Tereza Prepadnik, David Krančan, Rina Barbarič, …). Studio Ljudje teamed up with graphic designer Nejc Prah for this project.

Nejc Prah is a Slovenian designer. He works with a wide range of clients, occasionally teaches at the Academy in Ljubljana, and often gives workshops and lectures in various institutions around the world. Nejc worked as an art director at Bloomberg Businessweek in New York before starting his own studio in Ljubljana in 2019. He earned an MFA from Yale School of Art in 2015.

Ljudje is a design studio based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), creating distinctive identities, organising engaging campaigns, and seeking change through design. The team consists of multidisciplinary designers with diverse knowledge and skills, including graphic design, strategic design, branding, typography, illustration, research, web development, copywriting, product design, and more. The creativity in the studio grows from questioning the state of things and the ambition to attain positive social and environmental effects by responsible communication. Striving for value, not volume, the studio takes on fewer projects and tries to establish long-lasting relationships with clients based on shared visions and trust. This approach enables the team to come up with extraordinary ideas that resonate with the public.

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