Leo Subanović


Project Client: Faculty of Textile Technology
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: izv. prof. art. Koraljka Kovač Dugandžić
Project Client: izv. prof. art. Koraljka Kovač Dugandžić

The collection is conceived in the form of a triptych which together forms a whole realised in wool by the technique of tufting. The starting point in devising the collection was the mountains with a focus on their formation and the elements from which they were made. The visual structure looks like a stone, the very surface of the mountain with its slight cracks, and the specific relief that tries to imitate by means of colour prints by which rectangles of partially bounded outline lines form. The shape of a triangle resembles a stylized mountain looking at it frontally with a certain distance. So these works also give that dimension, and combine it with the previously mentioned surface structure and the view of the mountain from the air. Circles and meandering lines create an association of topographic images of mountains, is a representation of the stratification of height. Grey surfaces, following this layering inspiration, are the lowest ( beech effect ), brown structures with a filling are designed to make them slightly higher terry, and the grey circles with the lines appearing on the works in the shape of the triangle form the highest level. Colours are associated with nature, stone, earth. Dark tones of brown, grey, white, but also contrasting red, bright ocher and orange, green that are also found in the earth soil and in the mountains. The tapestries were realised as part of the cooperation between the Faculty of Textile Technology and ReGallery.

Leo Subanović was born on August 3, 1999. in Zagreb. When enrolling in primary school, he also enrolled in the puppet studio of the Zagreb Youth Theatre, which he attended until the fourth grade of high school. As part of ZKM, he performed at various occasions including the international puppetry festival PIF several times. In the third year of primary school, he also enrolled in the Ivan Zajc Music School, where he studied the cello. After the completion of the Dragutin Domjanić Elementary School in Gajnice, he enrolled in the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb. After the end of the first year, he opts for the textile design section. During high school, he gained interest in textile design, and independently learned making bobbin lace, needle lace, tatting, knitting and other textile handicrafts .This is followed by weaving he learned as a part of the curriculum in the textile department. In 2018, he continued his education at the Textile Faculty of Technology in Zagreb. In 2021. He continued his education in the graduate study of the Textile Faculty of Technology. 2015. Grožnjan, Fonticus City Gallery, group exhibition. 2016. Zagreb,Zagrebački velesajam, Ambijenta, Group Work, Woven Pillows for Zagreb – Group Award. 2020. Zagreb Design Week, Technical Museum, Identities. 2021.Zagreb Design Week, Technical Museum, Bags & Slippers. 2022.Zabok,ReGallery, group exhibition

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