Kora Rogina


Project Client: Study of design, Faculty of Architecture
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: izv. prof. mr. sc. Ivana Fabrio, asis. Nina Bačun
Project Client: izv. prof. mr. sc. Ivana Fabrio, asis. Nina Bačun

The project is based on several stages of work experience and design; the process of learning and acquiring skills in processing bamboo, personalizing solutions and encouraging individuals to be creative. The work consists of an open—source booklet with instructions that, through several steps, illustrate the process of making different pens from a single bamboo stalk; felt—tip pens, pens, pen attachments, charcoal holders, pen storage boxes, caps and a pencil case that brings them all together and provides transport options. The ultimate solution emphasizes the inestimable importance of humanity and delicate attention to the hand processing of each individual detail of bamboo, which is reflected in its ultimate purpose: drawing and writing, which is a fundamental intrinsic characteristic of people’s self—actualization since the beginning of history. Such a product, made by the user himself, elevates its emotional value above all economic values, in a moral and aesthetic context.

Kora Rogina was born in 2002 in Zagreb, where she graduated from Opća II. gimnazija high school and in 2020 she continued her education at the undergraduate study of industrial design at the Department of Design Studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb. Since 2021, she has been collaborating with the Kružok Association (Udruga Kružok) as a visual leader of the association, as part of which she exhibits works from the field of visual communications at DA! Festival in 2022 at the Society of Architects Zagreb. She exhibits works from the field of fine arts at the annual Cash&Carry exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, as well as works from the field of industrial design at the Višak exhibition organized by the Kružok Association. In her free time, she works in the fields of fine arts and visual communications.

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