Diana Sokolić & Karla Kocijan


Project Client: Samoinicirani rad
YEAR: 2021.

A few centuries ago, crystal chandeliers with candles and dozens of crystal pendants sparkled in the darkened rooms of great palaces, giving the space a spell. Today we have different needs and different spaces that need to be lit in a bright but comfortable way. SOSA is a chandelier that adapts to the user and the space. Round shade with holes, made of acrylic plate. Wires with light bulbs and decorative pendants are passed through the holes. With different bulbs, colored cables, lamp sockets, circles for pendants — you can make your own, unique pendant light or chandelier. The possibilities are endless. Everyone can make a chandelier, according to their needs and wishes. Sosa inspires and encourages creativity and individuality. In 2021, Sosa won an honorable mention at the international lighting competition — LIT Design award.

Diana Sokolić graduated from the painting section at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1981 and then from the Master’s Workshop in Zagreb from 1981/1983. She organized 26 solo exhibitions and participated in over 300 juried exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is a member of professional associations: HDLU, InSEA, ULUPUH, and works as an independent artist. She is the winner of many world awards for design, photography, art. Some of the awards are: A’Design Award, London International Creative Competition, LIT design award for the Island lamp…

Karla Kocijan, master’s degree in industrial design in 2019 at the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture. Participated in several design exhibitions and manifestations: Design Week Zagreb, Design district, Plan D… Won several international awards for product design: IDA — International Design, European Design Award, LIT design award, SIT design award and A’ Design Award. She is a member of professional associations HDD and ULUPUH. She works as an interior designer, as well as a product and graphic designer and as a film set designer.

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