Jelena Baus


Project Client: ALU Sarajevo
YEAR: 2019/20
MENTORS: Salih Teskeredžić
Project Client: Salih Teskeredžić

A stool chair is a seat for one person without back and armrests, one of the earliest forms of wooden furniture. It has developed during different time periods and cultures, materials, ways of use and forms. It has the advantage of versatility, multifunctionality, and does not interfere with the space. Researching the stool led to the conclusion that the main items of the stool are ergonomics, comfort and simplicity. With these qualities of the stool, proper sitting is essential, which also allows comfort and longer sitting. The creation of the stool goes towards comfort and the most attention goes to the seat itself. Comfort is accompanied by ergonomics. Attention is also paid to the simplicity and disassembly of the product, which enables easier transportation. Care is also taken to the connection between the legs and the seat, which gives the possibility of strength and disassembly, without affecting the element of comfort.

Jelena Baus is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Product Design department. While studying, she had the privilege to work on various design projects. Driven and inspired by wood and its various usage in arts and design, she aims to evoke harmony and functionality, as well as the warmth and simplicity of the material’s true nature.

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