Jakša Matošić


Project Client: Music school of Josip Hatze
YEAR: 2022

A visual story that, with a surrealistic collage, invites young people to a real life adventure that only music, art, and active enjoyment of them can provide, beyond all the limits of the predictable.
By inserting an additional letter in a different colour, the sports exclamation for the start (Prepare, pay attention, go) also reveals the name of the preparatory music education program for those who did not attend elementary music school.

Jakša Matošić (1963) fascinated by comics, he chooses Graphic Design at the Split School of Applied Arts, and undergraduate course at the Department of Graphics by Dževad Hozo within the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. To date, he has exhibited at about 20 juried exhibitions of international contemporary art and graphic, in Croatia and abroad. He authored and led several creative workshops for children and adults. He works in the field of applied arts as a freelance art director, copywriter, visual identity designer and illustrator. He has written, recorded and produced hundreds of commercial jingles. He made his debut on MTV as a music video director. He hosted a TV talk show and starred at the Croatian National Theater plays. He authors stage, film, and experimental music, and writes aphorisms, poetry, reviews, and slogans.

Akademija likovnih umjetnosti

Ilica 85, Zagreb
6.9. UTO
7.9. SRI
8.9. ČET
9.9. PET
10.9. SUB
11.9. NED
17:00 - 21:00
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