Ilma Pandžo


Project Client: ALU Sarajevo
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: prof. Salih Teskeredžić, asist. Denisa Šećerbajtarević
Project Client: prof. Salih Teskeredžić, asist. Denisa Šećerbajtarević

Side table as a piece of furniture plays a secondary role, by that logic assembly—disassembly elements are more functional in terms of space and portability. The idea is to create an easily portable and removable element. Considering that the table does not have to consist of two traditional elements, of legs and plates, research goes through the existing design of separate elements and elements for children’s toys. What leads to the concept of customer inclusion in the design itself, not directly, but with a product. In a way the concept is based on the human psychological aspect, that is the need to arrange our own living space, and the need to somehow participate in things.

Ilma Pandžo, 22 years old, student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, product design department, 3rd year. She attended the Construction and Surveying High School in Sarajevo, majoring in architectural technician. A very logical and technically minded person, with an ambivert character. Her goal is to participate in various spheres of design.

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