Ida Galijašević

Ally table

Project Client: ALU Sarajevo
YEAR: 2019/20
MENTORS: Prof.mr. Salih Teskeredzić
Project Client: Prof.mr. Salih Teskeredzić

The concept of work was to create a table that would originally have a double function. It would satisfy the needs of a bedside table as well as a table for everyday use. The desire for the playfulness of the coffee table was achieved so that the parts permeate each other. The final model is made of beech. The bright color of beech contributes to the playfulness of the table, apart from its form itself. The table gets two functions as it was previously imagined. In addition to the two surfaces in the levels, there is additional storage space in the base of the table. By placing the table in different positions, multifunctionality and a different look are achieved, depending on the purpose.

Ida Galijašević is graduate of the Product Design department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Through education, has encountered both team and practical work as Part of student projects. These include product and interior design as well as landscaping. A way of designing is based on simplicity and airiness, as well as adding multi—functionality to the product, trying to solve the functionality through the aesthetic aspect. She prefers natural materials in her products.

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