Faculty of Architecture, School of Design

Project Name: U_OČI: Design Studio at Zagreb Design Week
Mentors: izv. prof. art. Sanja Bencetić, izv. prof. art. Ivana Fabrio, doc. art. Andrea Hercog, doc. art. Romana Kajp, prof. Mladen Orešić, izv. prof. art. Tomislav Vlainić, asist. Nina Bačun, asist. Marija Juza, asist. Andrija Mudnić, asist. Nataša Njegovanović, asist. Ana-Marija Poljanec
Academic year: 2020/21 and 2021/22

U_OČI is a spatial installation of student works from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, in the academic years 20/21 and 21/22. It is showing the diversity of tasks, processes and approaches during the total five years of education. Visitors have the opportunity to peek into the holistic world of design as seen by new generations of design students. Striking visuals attract attention, underline, emphasize, and publicly speak about recent topics that students have critically dealt with in the past post-covid years, critically questioning quality of life of both the individual and the community. The use of different media in the exhibition space gives a dynamic to the installation, together with the satellite exhibition that takes place in the Gallery of School of Design.

School of Design was established in 1989 as an interdisciplinary and interfaculty study co-founded by 8 constituents of the University of Zagreb. It provides undergraduate and graduate design studies; the program includes two basic departments: industrial design and design of visual communications. The study is in the artistic field and interdisciplinary in its approach, which is achieved by connecting artistic synthesis with critical analysis and insights from different fields of science. It educates responsible and ethically proactive professionals who are trained to design objects, systems, and visual communications in an analog and digital technical environment.

AUTOMATON (Greek αὐτόματος: self-propelled) is a device that performs useful work according to man’s imagination. Since early history, there has been an unbroken line of striving to shape an abstract or practical concept of a machine that is as close to life as possible. The goal of the task is the design and independent production of an object that encourages an interactive game experience (eg toy, didactic aid, instrument) that contains a mechanism.

Circumstances that we have been intensively witnessing for the past few years represent an alarming call for a radical rethinking of the purpose of one’s activity as a designer. It must be aimed at the transition towards a sustainable future, through reflection and definition of new lifestyle habits and production methods. The goal of the assignment is to design, develop and independently produce a product (as a response to a specific current situation/need), from locally available materials.

The second part of the exhibition of the same name, U_OČI: Design Studio at Zagreb Design Week, will be organized in the Design Studio Gallery, at Frankopanska 12.

The Studio Design Gallery was founded in 2014, and in its first phase of existence, it functioned exclusively as an exhibition space for the presentation of student works created on the subjects of industrial design and visual communication design, as well as photography, scenography and the creative process in design.

After moving to a new space in 2018, the program was expanded to include exhibitions of wider social significance with the aim of introducing the public to what future professional designers research during their education, the results of which have exceptional national and international evaluation, as well as exhibitions that represent a different curatorial consideration of student works, but also the exchange of experiences of domestic and foreign higher education institutions in the field of design.

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS (exhibition design):
Students: Ema Božek, Ema Čimbur, Valentin Domović, Mia Krakan, Dunja Lulić, Marta Matulić, Dora Mihinjač, Korana Mileusnić, Sara Milić, Dora Pavešić, Lucija Pavičić, Eva Rodinis, Ivana Šilić, Ema Tomašek

Lineup mentors, assistants: Nina Bačun, Nataša Njegovanović, Marija Juza, Ana-Marija Poljanec; Associate: Dujam Ivanišević