Ema Čimbur

The Space Terrace — a modular system of urban equipment

Project Client: Study of design, Faculty of Architecture
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: Zlatko Kapetanović, Nina Bačun
Project Client: Zlatko Kapetanović, Nina Bačun

The product system is designed for a specific location located behind the famous modernist Zagreb buildings Rockets, which is popularly called the Space Terrace. By studying the existing condition of that devastated area and the ways in which people use it, the needs of the users were determined. Using the found elements — concrete modules — in combination with metal structures, a modular system of elements was designed that allows the residents of Rockets to build their own spaces for various activities, including socialisation.

Ema Čimbur was born in 2001 in Zadar. After finishing high school, she enrolled in the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, majoring in industrial design. In 2022. She is finishing her undergraduate studies and intends to enrol in master studies with the goal of continuing her education in the field of industrial design. During her studies, she participated in different workshops (The Otherness Toolkit exhibited as part of the Media Mediterranea festival, Osjeti igru), collaborates with other faculties (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and presented her works on various exhibitions (DA! festival).

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