Ella Bratić


Project Client: Student work - Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo
YEAR: 2020/21
MENTORS: prof. mr. Sanda Popovac
Project Client: prof. mr. Sanda Popovac

The synthesis of two key concepts leads to the essence of the project, which implies a subjective view of the Una river, which represents a link with childhood, and wool, a material that the author associates with relaxation and with nature in terms of origin. Inspired by the colour of the river Una, she handcrafts a product that represents a segment of just one of the scenes of its depths. The design of the fabric brings the spectrum of colours closer to the observer, the combination of which is impossible to see anywhere else, except when observing Una.

Ella Bratić was born in Bihać. After elementary and high school education, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in the product design department, where she is currently a graduate student. The basic focus of the design process is on natural material, the presentation of the autochthonous, and the conception of nature as a motive. For the primary aspect of the research, she chooses the material, which results in a final solution under its processing capabilities.

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