Ela Leko

Segment II

Project Client: Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb
YEAR: 2021
MENTORS: doc. art. Lea Popinjač
Project Client: doc. art. Lea Popinjač

Made of hand-printed artificial leather, the Segment II tapestry was made as part of the final work and explores the link between Art Deco and contemporary art through colour and modularity. In the context of design, modularity refers to the degree to which parts of a product can be reconfigured, removed, or added. Modular textiles, the technique with which the tapestry is made, allow for multi-purpose use and easy shape transformation, and endless design possibilities based on different variations. The final idea was to create a work for the interior decoration of a space that a person can adapt to himself and his space by assembling and disassembling different parts.

Ela Leko is a first-year student of the textile design graduate study at TTF in Zagreb. After finishing school for fashion and design, he entered the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and after two years transferred to undergraduate studies in textile and fashion design. From 2004 to 2019 He attends drama groups at ZKM and Teatro Tirena, where he participates in projects and performances. During her studies, she also works on a couple of film projects as a costume designer and exhibited at several group exhibitions. In his artistic creation, he experiments with various colours, techniques and materials. Deconstruction and recombination of materials into new forms and layering are the techniques that give her the most freedom, and she uses them most often in her work.

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