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EXHIBITION – New life of a plastic bottle
An introduction to designers who, within the concept of sustainable development, contribute to the preservation of nature and the environment.
NEWS – Introduction of “Flensted Mobiles” brand
Flensted Mobiles is a Danish company that produces unique flying sculptures – mobiles. Come and see the beauty of its elegant movements.
FLORAL INSTALLATIONS – Never ending rivalry between the beauty of flowers and vases
We are celebrating the art of floral decoration, which brings warmth and a small piece of nature to our homes.
JAZZ & COCKTAIL – From 18 to 21 pm
CASH & CARRY – Discount on selected items

We present Flensted Mobiles, a Danish company that makes unique floating sculptures – mobiles. Mobiles are specially designed sculptures that are in constant balance and gently float in space. Just looking at their dance in the air stimulates creativity in us and takes us on a journey of imagination.

A hidden courtyard open for design lovers at Ilica 11. Since 2006 “Dizajnholik” brings the very best from the world of interior design for enthusiasts, professionals and aesthetics lovers. We emphasise sustainability and functionality of our products. Besides selling design products, “Dizajnholik” is an interior design studio which provides the most creative solutions for your home.


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19.00 - 21.00
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