Clinica Studio

Poklon Visitor Center

Project Client: Public institution "Učka Nature Park"
YEAR: 2021

Poklon Visitor Center is a meeting place of mountains, man and the sea, and testifies to the coexistence of man and nature. The visual identity of the exhibition and the scenography of the space derive from isohypses — horizontal layers that reveal the interactive contents of the natural and cultural heritage of Učka. The central mechanical exhibit is dedicated to the mountain, and it physically changes its shape, showing the transformation of Učka from its origin until today. In addition to the exhibition space, the project includes the design of a cafe, souvenir shop and educational and conference halls that individually interpret the additional attractions of this protected landscape.

Product design: Vedran Kasap, Clinica studio d.o.o.
Graphic design : Marko Šesnić, Goran Turković, Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.
IT&multimedia design: Vladimir Končar, Revolucija dizajna d.o.o.
Museological concept: Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir, Muze d.o.o.
Lighting design: Igor Pauška, Kultura d.o.o.

Product design: Ozana Ursić, Zoran Šunjić — Clinica studio d.o.o.
Graphic design: Andrea Šumberac, Iva Sindik, Marinko Murgić — Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.
Content development: Lea Fujs, Zrinka Zorko, Mirna Draženović, Mateja Kuka, Melita Trbušić, Meri Vesanović, Iva Klarić Vujović — Muze d.o.o.

Clinica Studio specializes in permanent and temporary exhibition design and the design of visitor centres. Clinica’s work covers product design, industrial design, interaction design, interior design and TV production. Clinica’s projects are usually a result of interdisciplinary cooperation with companies that work in various fields. A team of experts approaches each project individually, with a lot of research and analysis of potential solutions. Through spatial design, Clinica strives to move away from the classical design approach in a way that a visitor can create a relationship with the space and learn certain information on a multisensory level.


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