CG-NAA Student team


Project Client: National Academy of Arts
YEAR: 2022
MENTORS: prof. Arsen Minkov, Emil Gruev
Project Client: prof. Arsen Minkov, Emil Gruev

Solskin — the game, follows the story of Singrid who returns to her birthplace only to find her father, the jarl, murdered. The powerful goddess Hel has placed a curse upon the settlement, devoiding it of life. Only the wise seer is left to guide and counsel the young shield maiden, who must find out the reason for this wrongdoing and avenge the death of her beloved father.

The authors of the project are the students of first-year MA Computer Games Design in the National Academy of Arts under the mentorship of prof. Arsen Minkov and assistant Emil Gruev. This project was carried out during the second semester as part of the curriculum for the students.

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