Centre for Participatory Education


Project Client: Self-initiated project
YEAR: 2020

Andramolje toys are designed to encourage the development of children’s learning dispositions, such as curiosity, perseverance, cooperation and responsibility. Learning dispositions represent our attitude towards learning. From the earliest childhood, it is very important to provide children with the environment in which they can develop openness, readiness for learning and a proactive attitude towards problem solving. By its very nature, Andramolje toys belong to the category of open-ended toys. They are inspired by free play and they encourage children to be creative, to experiment, explore, combine and search for endless solutions. There are no rules in playing with toys and thus children can devise their own ways of playing by using their own imagination. Andramolje toys are shaped in the form of active boards of different sizes, accompanied by elements that children can combine and place on the board and hence get various options for play. Toys have a health and safety certificate. We wanted to offer toys that are made of materials that stimulate children’s senses and connect them with nature, and thus we have chosen only natural materials that are biodegradable and safe. Andramolje toys are friends of the planet – all materials as well as packages that are in connection with Andramolje are eco-friendly. The complete process of Andramolje production, ranging from the design and manufacturing to packaging is located in Serbia.

Small female team consists of persons who are both personally and professionally inspired by children. Mums, pedagogues, designers, and practitioners with vast experience in early childhood education who share the opinion that children should grow in a meaningful, humane, healthy, and stimulating environment. As early as their first encounters, they have realized that each of them desires to convert personal experience into some kind of a story in which we could use our creative potentials to open space for joint actions of children and adults.
Milijana Lazarević is a Master in Pedagogy and a Teaching Assistant at the Preschool teacher training college. Marija Malović is a Master in Pedagogy. Vanja Jovanović is an English teacher. Marija Kojić is a Product designer at furniture design company Gir, and a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of contemporary arts in Belgrade.

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