Bulky Bananas

Futr za jutr

Project Client: Student Service Design Challenge 2021 by Phillips
YEAR: 2021
MENTORS: Barbara Predan
Project Client: Barbara Predan


In 2021 student team participated in a competition called Student service design challenge, where the focus was on finding solutions for reducing edible food waste. In order to propose a business viable and holistic solution, they had to conduct broad research to understand the complex systemic issue they were addressing. First, they looked into the edible food waste problem in Slovenia and gathered insights from various stakeholders in the food industry. In the process, they cooperated with distributors, retailers, grocery store employees, volunteers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. They immersed themselves into the lives of volunteers by delivering donated food surplus from retailers to people in need themselves. This way they could better grasp the inconveniences volunteers are facing and the daily struggles of the people in need. After the research, they narrowed down the topic to the following problem statement: “How might we better utilise edible food waste generated in the second half of the supply chain by systemically optimising food donations?”. Futr za jutr is a combination of a smartphone app and a self—service food locker. The app streamlines the communication between the stakeholders, whereas the food lockers make pickup points more accessible for users and decrease the volunteers’ workload. By introducing self—service pickup point model food donations do not depend solely on volunteers and can be expanded to other areas outside cities, which further decreases food waste.

Bulky Bananas are a team of industrial design students from the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Slovenia. The team consisted of 6 members, who were all students of ALUO — Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the time of project development. The project was mentored by dr. Barbara Predan, Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana and Dijana Buckovic — Innovation Business Programs Lead, Belgrade, Serbia. The students are:
Tjaša Mužina: industrial design student, with a focus on UX design and user research
Maruša Dolinar: industrial design student, focused on service design and interaction design
Pia Groleger: industrial design student, driven by designing systemic sustainable solutions
Žan Girandon: industrial design student, with great skills in product design finalization and testing
Luka Pleskovič: industrial design student with a passion for social innovation and filmmaking
Simon Izidor Rozman: industrial design student, with a background in mechanical engineering, passionate about design approaches for social innovation and creating sustainable products.

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