Boris Ljubičić

No smoking

Project Client: Self-initiated project
YEAR: 2022

It has been medically proven that smoking harms human health. There are illustrations on the cigarette packaging that warn smokers about the dangers that may befall them if they do not stop smoking. However, smokers put a small, nicely shaped paper roll in the form of a cigarette between two fingers and the pleasure of smoking can begin. The No Smoking jewellery project leaves the same atmosphere but prevents the smoker from doing so. A ring that includes two fingers and that has a tube on the upper part simulates the process of smoking, but actually makes it impossible! This special jewellery with a clear message is intended for everyone, especially young people who have not yet become addicted to cigarettes. A short film and pictures illustrate the No Smoking project.

Boris Ljubicic is a recognized explorer of visual communications and design. His works cover all of the design categories: visual identity, typography, billboards, books, TV and web design. His works are exhibited in half a dozen most significant international competitions and regularly appear in international magazines, yearbooks and specialized publications that influence the future of design. His works are dissimilar, challenging and confusing. The message is at least double-coded. As an author originating from a so-called transitional country, he dedicated his efforts to sports, culture, economy and politics. He achieved excellent results in each of these areas, changing the global standards along the way. In his quest for the Croatian visual identity, he sacrificed his creativity and dedicated himself to a higher goal. His international diversity is not a style or “handwriting”, but a concept aimed to form public opinion. He won almost all of his contracts through public tenders, but he also has a collection of works that were not published. He is the creator of many design initiatives. In 2002, he initiated the idea to create a visual identity for our continent – EUROPE 2020. His STUDIO INTERNATIONAL is not named after an author or owner, as usual, because he considers the visual language and professional standards he regularly applies to be a global activity.

model making: Boris Pokas
photographer: Miran Krčadinac

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