Lorena Gečević is 22 years old and lives in Zagreb. She graduated from the School of Fashion and Design, majoring in Fashion Technician. After working independently, she won a scholarship at Profokus College, at that time she completed two years of Fashion Design. During the first year, she decided to share her visions with people on her Instagram profile @anomalik.studio. The creator expresses her authenticity through dressing others and making costumes. Because of her playfulness and constant desire for inspiration, she applied to ZGDW. He considers ZGDW as a platform where he can network with colleagues and other creative people from the world of art.

The She’s learning project collection worked as part of its final work on the second one
year of fashion design. As a child, she dreamed of Fashion Design, drew, filmed, photographed, sewed, and looked for every possible opportunity to come into contact with interesting fabrics… Fashion brought her up by taking her to exhibitions, forcing her to listen to various music genres, to learning about cultures, studying what people wear in Paris and what they wear in Copenhagen? Every conversation with people inspired her, as well as everything she saw and felt. In her she’s learning collection, she represents a “dream woman”, an icon who lives her passion uncompromisingly. One day she wears baggy pants to a business meeting the next day to a party. She didn’t find her inspiration in a past century, a decade that marked a certain period, but she found inspiration in on the streets of the city, to her friends, colleagues… For the first time, she tried to listen to what some “new kids” would wear today? And that’s how the whole story came about. Her scattered thoughts, her concept and her eclectic Anomalik Svijet.