Ana Banić Göttlicher

Rotary gear award

Project Client: Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
YEAR: 2021

When tasked with designing annual award for the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, one had to take into consideration multiple sciences that converge in the field of mechanical engineering. Choosing a gear as a main design element came naturally, since most mechanical products, engines and machines have one or more gear as their main functioning element. Gears transmit rotational motion, convert different kinds of motions, change the speed and amount of energy transferred — perform complex mechanical tasks, enabling the functioning of mechanical machines in various industries and settings. Rotary gears work on a symbolic level as well, as we are awarding professional individuals for their cognitive, professional and intellectual achievements.
The award consists of four fragmented gear segments that rotate around a vortex. There are four levels of recognition from 4 materials: Honorary Chamber Member, Charter, Diploma and Certificate of Appreciation. The first segment represents the type and the name of the winner. The second segment presents length, time, mass and other in the metric system in millimeters. The third segment represents length, area and the other in the imperial system by inches. You can convert these measurement systems by overlapping the segments. The fourth segment shows the angles as part of gear construction and circular construction in general. Through the rotation, awards change the shape and relationship of the segments.

Ana Banić Göttlicher is an independent Design Professional with twenty years of experience and multiple award—winning multidisciplinary designer. She works in the field of industrial design and visual communication design.She independently designs and leads the projects realization for domestic and foreign clients, and realizes larger design projects through teamwork.
She designs small utility items, packaging, lighting fixtures, appliances, larger architectural and design projects, furniture and exhibition spaces for Croatia and abroad. She is the author of interior design projects for company business offices, as well as furniture for interiors and spatial interventions. Designs visual identities of events and companies, promotional materials, magazines, monographs, catalogs, posters and brochures for various artistic and other projects in retail and hospitality. Collaborates with architects on various projects and tenders involving interdisciplinary teams, cooperates with marketing agencies and works in the field of packaging design. She cooperates with designers, architects, engineers, technologists and domestic manufacturers. Emphasis is placed on conceptual design and experimentation with different technologies and materials from metal and wood to paper and textiles.

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