Amina Musić


Project Client: ALU Sarajevo
YEAR: 2021
MENTORS: prof. mr. Salih Teskeredžić
Project Client: prof. mr. Salih Teskeredžić

ODI is a wall hanger intended for public interior spaces. Noticing the problem when it comes to hangers in catering establishments, the goal was to find an adequate solution that would allow users to carefree and safely put away their things during the time spent talking with colleagues and friends. The hanger ensures easy installation in any space without additional fatigue. Made of metal that will support objects of different weights and is placed so that it is close to the user when he needs it. The Lunar hanger is the answer to the question of how to balance statics and existence within the interior with an emphasis on the mutual relationship between aesthetics and purpose.

Amina Musić, final year student of the Department of Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Realized a number of student projects in the field of product and fashion design, working simultaneously as a costume designer and set designer. The emphasis is about freedom, naturalness, practicality and a touch of magic. Artistic expression is permeated through carefully selected project topics with a dose of reflection on the relationship between form and function. Design is a way of life and thinking, a daily effort to improve and innovate the future of the design scene, locally and globally.

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