Vizkultura is an established and influential Croatian online platform focused on contemporary visual arts and culture. NJI3 is an all-girl design trio (Dina Milovčić, Tessa Bachrach Krištofić and Franka Tretinjak) mainly focused on visual communications, illustration and moving graphics. Bosnić + Dorotić is an art duo (Maja Bosnić and Ivan Dorotić) working in creative direction, content creation and publishing within contemporary culture, visual arts and architecture photography.
V mag is the premiere print edition of Vizkultura - Croatian digital platform focused on contemporary visual arts. V mag was produced celebrating 5th anniversary, conceptualized as a kind of a blueprint: what a contemporary art magazine could and should look like in 2019 - a testing ground for an utopia in stark contrast with the realities of the local contemporary scene. V magazine is a product of a no-budget cooperation between Vizkultura, designers, collaborators and partners.