Urban Prototypes. Polish Projects Reshaping Public Space

The exhibition comprises a selection of the most interesting small-scale designs drafted for public space in Polish cities. Urban space has for years been more and more frequently drawing the attention of designers and students of design. Small-scale design interventions and micro-improvements are becoming increasingly popular. Their key function is to enhance the utility of public space, improve its quality, and resolve problems identified by designers.
Designs showcased at the exhibition are very diverse: some are permanent fixtures; others are occasional, temporary and tentative. Some have never been implemented; others are concepts developed at Polish universities. They include “An open-air classroom” – school furniture; original bird feeders; “Silence” – an alternative map for visitors to venues least exposed to noise; and an urban armrest – to name but a few. The authors of these projects are both experienced Polish designers and students of design faculties.
All projects on show are multidisciplinary, developed in collaboration with technologists, physicists, sound engineers, ornithologists, as well as research departments of Polish universities. Their common denominator involves the fact that they address specific needs in urban space with intent to genuinely enhance urban space quality by using micro-improvements.
Curator: Paweł Grobelny