University of Zagreb: Faculty of Textile Technology: Textile forms inspired by arhitecture

The authors of exhibited works are undergraduate students at the Faculty of Textile Technology, Department of Fashion Design. The works were created in 2018 as part of a course called “The creation of textiles for clothing.” Inspired by the different forms of modern and contemporary architecture, students were instructed to create forms using black textile materials. Considering the interaction with the body, the forms were to be visually perceived as sort of a large textile jewelry. During the creation process students took advantage of their knowledge of art and compositional elements as well as their knowledge of the composing of visual elements. A special emphasis was put on: the selection of textile materials that were going to be used, the shaping of elements using the principle of repetition and/or variation, the different ways of connecting elements into a visual unit, in accordance with the principles of harmony and unity, as well as the visual and tactile sensation of the textile form and its interaction with the human body.
Project title: Tekstilne forme inspirirane arhitekturom
Mentor: prof. art. Andrea Pavetić
Photographer: Ante Delač
Model: Lana Meniga
Participating: Ines Brlić, Marija Duvnjak, Luka Herić, Igor Kovačević, Vicko Racetin, Marija Magda Radanović, Maja Saraga, Mihaela Šušković, Nika Vrbica, Matea Zgurić