University of Zagreb: Faculty of Architecture: School of Design

At this year’s Zagreb Design Week have a look at the six conceptual solutions of Design students that emerged as part of a project for the reconstruction of the Pejačević castle and the City park in Virovitica. Among these, five bridges have been selected and built, each with its own original character, one that relates to a particularity of the city and its people, their past and their present, their successes and their pride, as well as their needs and wants. With the symbolic function of connecting the old and the new, bridges, each in their own way, initiate encounters and interaction, bring about new experiences and therefore contribute to the quality of life in the city.
Project title: Pet mostova u Virovitici
Mentors: Mladen Orešić, Andrea Hercog, Zlatko Kapetanović
Assistant: Nika Pavlinek
Participating: Matija Barović, Leonard Borovičkić, Paola Dodić, Marta Letica, Ramona Morić Klemenčić, Đani Lacmanović