Tishler is a story inspired by beauty, uniqueness, durability and sustainability that wood has to offer. At Tishler they strive to give you not just the best products in the world but also the best products for the world, focusing especially on the environmental and social effects of our products through its entire life-cycle. With years of experience in working with wood , we have engineered what we believe is one of the best wooden frames in the world.
At Zagreb Design Week, they present wooden glasses of their own production, which they produce with partners from Slovenia. Their wooden frames offer quality glasses (they use high-quality UV400 lenses from the renowned company ALCOM from Slovenia. Polarized and mirror lenses are also available. Each frame is equipped with high-quality steel spring hinges, which provides maximum comfort when wearing glasses every day. Tishler frames fit perfectly. Given the specially designed frame combined with spring hinges, the glasses are extremely comfortable to wear and rest on your head. They are also performed in the version with corrective lenses. it is possible to install vision lenses in the frames. They are easy to wear. Contrary to the common opinion that wooden sunglasses are heavy, the experience of their customers says that they are extremely light and comfortable. Since a special birch air core is used when making the glasses, Tishler glasses offer excellent durability.