The Tabushi seats are inspired by sushi. Word Tabure + sushi = Tabushi. It consists of several types of tabourets and bar stools that resemble sushi in shape and in function. So the debut Tabushi Combo has a storage under the lid to store things where there is fish in sushi. It was stored and transported wrapped in rice. The colors of the seats are associated with the colors of these foods in reality. The series consists of several products: Mentioned Tabushi Combo-stools with storage, Mini stools for children of bright colors-light and solid sponges, Tabushi Long-stool bench where can be squeezed two, and two types of bar stools Tabushi Home Bar in two heights and Tabushi Bar. In the process are another small square stool with storage and armchairs. High-quality materials that are easy to maintain were chosen, and "child friendly" materials were used for the children's stool. The products are made to order and customers choose the color combinations offered.