Anselmo Tumpić, a creative director and Sara Prenc Opačić, account manager are co-owners of the Studio Tumpić/Prenc. They gained experience working for marketing agencies such as Fabrica (Benetton Group), BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi. Their work has received international awards in competitions such as the ADC Europe Awards, Epica, Cannes Lions, Red Dot and European Design Awards. In 2017 they established a studio with the objective of providing maximum quality of creative communication services.
The interpretation point “Dry stone walls of Hvar” was designed to show less known facts about dry stone wall building to visitors. The stylized shelves are stone-shaped, creating a meaningful whole through assembly, so representing the dry stone wall. In parallel, this interpretation point attracts visitors with interactive strategies, so a small door or a drawer is hidden behind each “stone”. The door reveals secrets of the wall hollows, from the construction technique to the animals that live inside and the drawers enable visitors to enter a virtual world. This way, they can visit Hvar villages built using dry stone wall building and see the building process virtually.