Anselmo Tumpić, a creative director and Sara Prenc Opačić, account manager are co-owners of the Studio Tumpić/Prenc. They gained experience working for marketing agencies such as Fabrica (Benetton Group), BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi. Their work has received international awards in competitions such as the ADC Europe Awards, Epica, Cannes Lions, Red Dot and European Design Awards. In 2017 they established a studio with the objective of providing maximum quality of creative communication services.
The concept of our visual identity was built upon a series of conversations they've had with professional and recreational swimmers. From these conversations emerged the concept of a line - a fundamental graphic element guiding the entirety of their creative decisions, similarly how a line at the bottom of the pool guides a swimmer towards their goal. As visitors walk through the building, they witness the evolution of signage from one that is purely functional, to one that gives life.