Rašić+Vrabec is an award winning design studio specialized in making inspiring interactive exhibitions. R+V also designs for brands and companies that want to become a state of art. The founders of the studio Vedrana Vrabec + Marko Rašić are designers with 17 years of experience in design for culture and the commercial market and they have worked on more than 100 exhibition projects. They approach each project holistically, environmentally and socially responsible, and they enjoy leading multidisciplinary teams for large and small, simple and complex museum projects.
66th Pula Film Festival
Pulski Filmski Festival (Pula Film Festival) is one of the oldest in the world and takes place every year. Its newly developed visual identity is based on the number 66 to harness its symbolic power for the tradition of the festival. In the new logo the numbers are modified to look like eyes watching the observer. The heavily contorted eyebrows give the symbol a comic-like effect. The reduced geometry of the design also offers various possibilities for use which conjure up associations with film reels, the footprint of the amphitheatre in Pula, emoticons, peepholes or exclamation marks.