Designers Martina Vasilj, Sanja Spajić (both among the top designers at Toptal) and Nataša Alavanja make up one of the design teams of the company Prospekt from Rijeka. Prospekt is a creative agency specialized in graphic and web design, communications and website development. In its 15 years, Prospekt has built a rich portfolio with clients throughout Croatia and numerous foreign clients, and this design team has over 50 designed applications and websites.
Bonobo is a new dating app specifically designed for “lazy” people. It differs from other applications in that with only one swipe the user can be "matched" with everyone in the selected radius, instead of one by one. For the logo of the application, we chose a monkey as a symbol of the stated "laziness", and we simplified the user experience according to the brand. Colors such as purple, coral, yellow and turquoise were used for a vibrant feeling and white as a background for clarity.